Nubian Dairy Goat

We have a small herd of  Nubian dairy goats with all registered does, and an unregistered grade buck. We work hard to ensure a clean, healthy raw goat milk for our customers and ourselves. We hand milk each doe, then we carefully strain and ice chill the milk to retain it’s great flavor and freshness. We chill and keep the milk in 1/2 gallon mason canning jars. We have had many compliments on the taste and quality of our raw goat milk.

$5.00 per half gallon

$10.00 per gallon

We charge a one time $2.00 fee per glass canning jar. This is what the jars cost us.

Our regular customers are welcome to bring back the jar and we’ll just trade jars to save the $2.00 jar fee. When you a finished purchasing from us, you may keep the jar, or return it and get your $2.00 back. :)

You can also visit the farm by appointment.


Listed below are the permanent residents of our dairy herd. We have kidded over 30 baby goats in the past 7 years and this has given us some great experience in both raising the kids and taking care of our does in milk. We are very blessed to have these animals and they have been a delight to work with. We hope that if you purchase from us, you too will taste and see the difference that we have found in raw REAL goat milk.


Hedge Hollow’s Jamaica GoldPeper


Born 2/05/2009

Fourth kidding season.


We purchased Jamaica in 2011 from a sweet family in eastern Oklahoma who needed to downsize a bit. Jamaica comes from a well established line of quality dairy and show animals. She currently gives us about 3/4 gallon a day.

Faire Dale Farm’s Faith


Born 2/16/2011

Second kidding season.


We purchased Faith along with Jamaica last year. She also comes from some of the same stock as Jamaica.

Faire Dale Farm’s Joy


Born 2/16/2011

Third kidding season


Joy is also from Faire Dale Farm. As you can probably tell, she is the daughter of Jamaica, and we look forward to some great years of production with her on the farm. She is a wonderful milker with great conformation.

Faire Dale Farm’s Hope


Born 2/16/2011

Second kidding season


Hope is Faith’s twin sister and we just had to buy them both together. Goats are very social animals, and we couldn’t bear to separate these two beautiful does. They are very close and it’s really fun to watch them play together.

Neoplitan “Neo”

Grade Nubian Dairy Goat Buck

Born 3/15/2009



Neo is our herd sire. A really beautiful buck from our sweet friends the Norwood Family of Bristow. They gifted us with Neo a couple years ago, and he has proven to be a great herd sire. I have seen some of the most amazing color patterns on his kids born here. Even though he is not registered, we love his physical characteristics and his personality. Neo is a very lovable attention hog, and our children love to ride him around the farm.

We usually have kids each year around February to March. We normally sell the doelings and raise the bucklings for Autumn butchering. We are now officially registered with the ADGA and have a herd name, number and tattoo mark. We can now ”50%” register any doeling born on the farm, so if you have need of a quality dairy goat, please keep us in mind!

Blessings and thank you for looking into our farm!

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