WHO are your farmers? We are the Fleshman Family. We are a large family (2 parents and 9 children at home) on a small farm (2 1/2 acres). We have been growing produce on our small farm since 2005. Our CSA/market garden is about 20,000 sq. ft. and we are dedicated to growing great tasting food without chemicals, or pesticides. We also offer raw goat’s milk, fresh brown eggs, blackberries, home baked goods, and goat milk soap.


WHAT is a CSA? A CSA (community supported agriculture) is an arrangement between a farmer and a customer seeking fresh produce. The customer purchases a yearly share of the seasons produce. The customer prepays for their produce and picks up their fresh produce once a week.

WHAT do we grow? Lots! Off the top of my head, we usually plant onions, potatoes, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, spinach, lettuces (Romaine, Salad Bowl, Simpson), Swiss Chard and Kale, and turnips for the early spring season. We will be succession planting many of these crops in order to offer our customers fresh produce as long as the season allows. In April we plant lots of tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, green beans, cucumbers, summer and fall squashes, zucchini, sweet potatoes, okra, cantaloupes, watermelon, and ground cherries. We replant many of the early spring crops again during the summer for a fall harvest. We have about 90 blackberry bushes, about 20 grape vines, a strawberries patch, and have begun growing our orchard. We also grow many varieties of herbs.


WHEN is food available? Our goal is to start our CSA the first week of May and go through October. We cannot guarantee the season will start or end on time. Our goal this year is to provide our customers with about 24 weeks of fresh produce. Some weeks will have more produce than other weeks, depending on the seasons and weather.


WHERE is the food grown? All the produce sold through our CSA is grown right here on our farm. We welcome visitors. Please feel free to call us to schedule a farm tour during our growing season. Gil or Cynthia 405-282-2652


HOW do we grow our food? We strive to grow our food as close as we can to the way we believe God intended. We strive for balance on our farm by using sustainable farming methods. We rotate crops, and add minerals and natural organic fertilizers to our soil. We make our own compost putting almost everything we don’t eat from the garden back into the garden. Our goal is to make nutrient rich soil, therefore making nutritious, vitamin dense produce. We love for our children to be able to safely eat straight from our garden. Our oldest daughter said she can’t wait for the garden to grow so she could head up the hill for her morning snack. She has a routine of grabbing a sweet bell pepper and eating it on the way up the hill until she get to the tomatoes. Then she grabs a tomato and goes to check the mail. She then follows the same path down the hill. First eating a tomato, and then a pepper. Daddy says we have rabbits in our garden that wear skirts and overalls!


WHY choose a CSA? Customers choose a CSA so they can have safe, fresh, locally grown food. Doing this they can really and truly know where their food came from and how it was grown. We believe this is something that has been lost in our modern society. Do you know where your food came from? How it was grown? What chemicals were used? How far it had to travel to get to your grocery store? And those questions are for the “raw” fresh food. Not to mention anything that comes in a box with multiple ingredients. So many questions, and so few answers. With a CSA you can avoid all of that!


Know your Farmer and know your Food!