CSA Membership Contract


Please Copy, Paste and Print this Application, and return it to us in the mail!

2018 CSA Membership Contract

Please indicate your interest in joining the Grace Family Farm CSA for the 2018 growing season by filling out and returning this membership contract with your first payment to our address listed at the bottom of the form. Submission of this application is not a guarantee of membership for the season as share space is limited. You will be advised by email or telephone of the acceptance of your application. If not accepted your payment will be promptly returned in the mail.

Please print clearly.


Address__________________________________________________ Apt._______

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Daytime Phone________________________________

Evening Phone_____________________________

E-Mail Address_________________________________________________

Terms of Agreement

I, ________________________________________ commit to membership in the Grace Family Farm Community Supported Agriculture program for the 2018 growing season of about the beginning of May to about the end of October. I understand that the main aspect of the CSA is that both the members and the farmer share in the inherent risks (weather, drought, disease, infestation, crop failure, etc.) and the potential rewards (the bounty of a great season) of agriculture. Your CSA farmer purposefully plans for all possible contingencies, and uses proven growing techniques to protect the harvest, minimize risks to members, and optimize the rewards. Growing a wide variety of crops that thrive in different conditions; succession planting, companion planting, organic controls and fertilizers, proper irrigation, and crop rotation are all involved in this process. Another aspect of the CSA is to help build relationships of trust and understanding between the farmer, and the community. On the whole, CSA members will receive a variety of the freshest possible, organically grown produce, in plentiful amounts.

!!! And the farmer gets to joyfully focus on working hard to grow real food just for you !!!

As a member of this CSA, I understand that I should receive a weekly share for approximately 24 weeks (more or less) consisting of fresh vegetables and/or fruits. Shares are designed with a family of four in mind, understanding some families have more or less. You are welcome to order 2 shares. These items will vary in size, weight, and quantity, depending on the produce, and the time of the growing season. During the hottest parts of the summer, late July to early September, the harvest may be reduced, perhaps even greatly, depending on the weather and temperatures. I understand that the harvests should increase again after this time and should also continue until around the end of October. I also understand that the variety of produce I receive is dependent on growing conditions that vary from season to season, and that the risks and benefits of the harvest are shared by all parties involved. I understand that I am taking part in a bio-system that is dependent on weather and other environmental factors; and as such, there is always some risk of crop failure. Should this happen, I understand there will be no refunds and share sizes could be greatly impacted. Therefore I understand and agree, that while Grace Family Farm will act in good faith to provide fresh, organically grown produce for the duration of the season, there is no guarantee of quantities or contents of weekly shares.

Member Responsibilities

As a member, I commit myself to supporting my Farm with timely payments, paid when I pick up my weekly share of the farm’s produce. In addition, I commit to making prompt pick-ups of my shares at the farm, on my specified weekday, as arranged on the application. I understand that fresh produce is highly perishable, and that my share cannot be saved.

I agree to be an active participant in my CSA, and to contact my farmer if I have any concerns or questions.

I understand that Grace Family Farm does not split up shares, and that if I desire to split a share with someone else, I will need to make arrangements on my own for splitting the produce and getting payment from the other party. I will be responsible for viewing the Grace Family Farm website on a regular basis to receive news and information from the farm about my CSA and the current crop conditions. The farm website is www.gracefamilyfarm.com.

Pick up procedures are as follows:

The farm has a sales building located at the west gate, at the top of the property, by the mail box. We will have your produce shares ready by 8:00am on the pick up day you select at the bottom of this application and contract. We also encourage you to pre-order, as available, our high quality raw Nubian goat milk, baked goods, and goat milk soap!

Refunds & Cancellations

I agree that I have the right to cancel my membership in the CSA at any time in the season, and that I will give at least one month notice in writing, unless I arrange to have someone else take over my shares and make payments. If I neglect to give one month notice, I understand that there will be no credit given for the remainder of any pre-payments I have made. I also agree that the farmer has the right to cancel the CSA agreement at any time, and that I will receive any pre-payments back if such a case occurs. Such cancellations should only be as a last resort by either party, and if possible, one months notice will be given by the farmer as well.

Signed__________________________________________________ Date_______________________

Payment are required upon pickup of each week’s produce.

Please enclose your payment for your first week and return with your signed and completed contract to:

Gil or Cynthia Fleshman


Grace Family Farm

10400 Danielson Dr.

Guthrie Okla. 73044

Please circle your preferred pick up day (hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm)

Tuesday or Thurday

CSA Share $25.00

Please make a copy for your records!