CSA Week 15 – August 11, 2012


Can anyone say stuffed bell peppers? That’s what we’re having for dinner. 🙂
This week our CSA Customers received lots of sweet bell peppers, a mess of okra,  cucumbers (Armenian, poinsette, and lemon ), and tomatoes. Remember you can easily freeze peppers, okra, and tomatoes. See post on freezing produce under recipes. Freezing summer produce is a great way to add lots of vitamins to winter meals. Yes, Gil does foliar feed our garden (and yours) with organic minerals. Speaking of the garden, today we planted carrots, turnips, radishes, and beets. Last night we weeded the sweet potatoes, they are looking great. Also, lemon cucumbers are great on sandwiches. Cucumbers are also great and healthy stuffed with tuna or chicken salad. Remember you have to peel the poinsettes this time of year due to the heat but the lemons and Armenians don’t seem to mind the heat as much so you can eat their skin.

All for Him, Cynthia

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