Fleshman Family Newsletter 2016


We’re expecting! Twins!

2016-christmasAbigail, Emily, Hannah, Timothy (Back Row)

Alyssa, Mary Kate, Daniel (Front Row)

d-and-d-1Dylan and Dianna

Dear Friends and Family,

Greeting in the name of the LORD Jesus! This year has been packed full for the Fleshman Flock, so I’ll try to give everyone a peek into what has been going on in our lives. We started out the year with big plans for the farm. We had sold our goats and chickens, for different reasons, but planned to get more chickens in the spring and more goats the next year. It was the first time that we didn’t have any farm animals in years. We intended to do the garden full-scale, but the Lord had other plans. On Valentine’s Day, we found out that Cynthia was expecting a baby in October. We were thrilled, but as usual, slightly cautious because of her history with child bearing. This pregnancy had problems from the start, and we ended up not getting more animals, and canceling our garden plans. In May, at 17 weeks along, we found out through a routine doctors’ visit that Michael Wayne had passed. Michael Wayne Fleshman was born on May 18. As always, the LORD carried us through the trials He lovingly allowed. We are very grateful for all of the support that we had during that season of our lives. But our awesome Heavenly Father has done even more than carry us through the trials in this situation. Three weeks to the day after Michael’s due date, we found out that we are expecting again in July! With the first ultrasound, we got the news that we are expecting TWINS! Praise the LORD for this blessing. So far there have been no complications, and we are very grateful for this double blessing. The main reason that we are late on our card and newsletter is because we wanted to be able to announce the twins, and thought that it would be good to wait a little longer.

Last year, the theme that I chose was Love, and this year I think the thing that what the LORD has been teaching not just me personally, but several members of our family, is to trust Him. Trust that He is in total control and that He works everything for good for us who love God. Rest in His loving, sovereign will.  Have the attitude of a little child who has a strong, loving Father to run to in every situation, and with every fear. He has used many circumstances this year to teach me this important lesson, and I am far from perfection, but slowly learning. My favorite verses on the subject of trust are in Isaiah. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD forever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:” (Isaiah 26:3, 4) All too often, I am not in perfect peace, and the reason for that is a lack of trust. A lack of trust is rooted in a lack of confidence in God. When we are not confident in Who He is and what His characteristics are, we will not be able to trust Him. But when we are confident in His great love, power, forgiveness, and faithfulness, we can confidently stay our minds on the King of the universe, and we will be kept in His perfect peace which passes all understanding. You cannot have a good relationship with someone that you don’t trust, and it is crucial that we wholly trust Him in every situation. He is 100% worthy of our confidence, and He has proven Himself time and time again. We have no excuse to not trust Him, and no reason to miss out on the immense blessings of trusting in our LORD.

Gil (43) is an amazing husband and father. He has proven his devotion to the LORD this past year and led his family through many life changes. The changing of our church home, the loss of Michael Wayne, closing and surrendering the farm, and guiding a son through the courtship phase of life, just to name a few. I could not be more blessed to walk by this man’s side as his wife and sidekick, and our children are so blessed to have him as their father.

Cynthia (41) is the heart and the hub of our little home. She is of course, always very busy with the children and running our home. Schooling, home making, helping me try to run the farm, and the always exciting life of Christian hospitality keep her very busy. We seem to have more people in our little house every year, and not just because of having more children! We love to have people over for fellowship and to share a meal. The children also love to help her get ready for company. Cynthia is quite simply, the most amazing wife and mother I could imagine. She is always helping me in working on training our family to serve Christ. Her love for Jesus and her steadfast faith is such an encouragement to the whole family. She truly keeps our family going.


Sean (24) is our oldest son and the only one who no longer lives at home. He lives back in Oklahoma now but we miss him being in our daily life. Sean has two sweet little girls, Sonya (3) and Adalyn (1).

Dylan (21) has had a really busy year. In August, he began courting a lovely young lady from Minnesota, Miss Dianna Dornink. We are super excited to announce that they are now engaged! Dianna is an amazing young woman who loves the LORD. Dylan has spent a large portion of his year in Minnesota as well as some time in Texas serving for the IBLP Ministry. He has been very busy working on remodeling his house here in Guthrie, and he also has recently become a Superintendent at a local construction firm here in Guthrie. Dylan is a super hard worker. It is amazing to watch him handle all the different pressures and growing pains of life, and keep seeking the LORD through them all.

Alyssa (15) is an amazing example of a Godly young lady to us all. She is a great writer, and the family’s exhorter and encourager. I appreciate her loyalty and her boldness for Jesus so very much. She gives most of the children music lessons. She recently began playing piano for Daddy as he leads music for our church’s (Calvary Bible) nursing home ministry. She leads the children in performing for the residents as well. It’s such a blessing to serve the LORD as a family.

Daniel (13) is definitely becoming quite the young man. He is strong, gentlemanly, and bold. Daniel is a firstborn leader, and he has been a huge blessing to me this year. He is maturing in the LORD, and is also very loyal. He in a wonderful example for his younger siblings, and a fun big brother. I appreciate Daniel’s sense of responsibility. Daniel enjoys hunting, shooting, taking care of his goats, playing his mandolin, and spending time with all of his siblings.

Timothy (11) has matured a lot this year. He is really becoming a man now. Timothy has a second born personality, and is very sensitive, gentle, and loving. Timothy loves animals, and claims a dog, cat, goat, and 31 chickens as his own. Timothy enjoys reading, spending time outside, sword and play gun fighting of any sort, playing army, and he is also very creative, and enjoys doing craftwork and building things.

Abigail (8), turning 9 in a couple months, is extremely mature for her age. While she is a little quiet until you get to know her, once she comes out of her shell she is fun, outgoing, and also pretty funny! J She is a homemaker and our chief breakfast cook, and I know that we will be even more grateful for her when the twins arrive! J Abby is also maturing in the LORD. It is a joy to watch her grow into a godly young lady!

Emily (6), will be 7 in January, is growing up fast! Emily has a sweet, lovable, sensitive personality, and has a strong sense of justice. She is especially attached to her buddy, Daniel, and is excited to get a new buddy next year. Emily enjoys books (and is learning to read!), dress up, doll house, and baby dolls. Emily and Hannah are good friends and playmates, and they almost always have Katie in tow playing with them!

Hannah (5) is a big talker. She could probably talk to you for hours, telling all manner of stories. It will be interesting to see how that changes as she gets older. She is sociable, outgoing, and a super sweet little girl. She has been Alyssa’s little friend ever since she was a toddler! She will also be getting new buddy this coming year, and is very excited about that!

Mary Kate (2) will be 3 is January, but she is still the baby of the family. I suppose a lot will change in her little life when the twins are born! J She loves babies though, and talks a lot about the babies in Mama’s belly, so I think that she will do well with them. But for now, she is adorable and adored. Katie enjoys playing pretty much anything with her older sisters, and gives really good hugs!

This year we hope that we have learned a little more about trusting our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be praised and trusted, for what else is there really, to trust in? For it is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. So our prayer for each of you is that you may do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. And truly know that: He makes our soul to boast in the LORD and our heart can safely trust in Him!

Much Love and Prayers to all!

The Fleshman Flock

Ps. 107:41 He setteth the poor man on high from affliction, and maketh him families like a flock.

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